The Air Jordan XXXII details information

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The launch of air jordan 32 has attracted a wave of fierce competition, the new starting is the big red, very attractive, the following is a small compilation to bring you actual evaluation.

To configure

From the configuration point of view, Air Jordan XXX2 can be regarded as the current top real basketball shoes! Before and after separation of Zoom, Flight Speed and anti torsion of carbon fiber plate, made of high tenacity yarns Flyknit knitting uppers, followed by large area TPU stable block and new lines of translucent crystal outsole! This luxurious package configuration, I’m afraid you can’t in the market to find second new shoes!

It looks like the Air Jordan XXX2 in the bottom of bradyseism configuration and the twenty-eighth generation is like, but there are essentially differences before and after the increase of the area of separation! Palm Zoom shock unit collocation new upgrade Flight Speed, has brought the extremely surging in has widened to increase the forefoot! Zoom, let more direct feedback, in starting and accelerating when the explosion like pulse effect, and after commissioning of the Zoom air Air in the breakthrough is more flexible and easy to manipulate in disguise. Soft, thick heel not only slows down the impact force after landing, but also brings strong resilience, which is commonly called “stepping on feces””!


Basketball is a high intensity exercise for all of us, support and stability is an important criterion for judging a shoes how to combat performance! After three generation, Air Jordan XXX2 Rosso Corsa again with carbon fiber plate, the light weight, corrosion resistance, stable support material with an hand in a velvet glove, anti torsion effect is high. In a large extent disguised, good shoes to prevent deformation, and give the foot ankle protection! Flight Plate tablet with carbon plate, similar to springboard diving athletes, “deformation and rebound”, provide effective support for basketball force. In turn, side sliding when the semi surrounding type TPU followed by the collocation of high tenacity yarns Flyknit uppers, will firmly hold your feet, support the good performance of stability for the instep and the ankle!
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The parcel of good can be feet firmly locked in shoes! The new knitting uppers lines collocation thick sponge heel, and improved the upper design, then fasten shoelace, compact package status, makes people feel secure! And the Air Jordan XXX2 shoe last for Asian feet new and improved the front, the space increases, pinch the situation does not appear in the process of movement!


The permeability of this test, Xiao Bian think not necessary! The actual basketball shoes should not be too concerned about the air permeability, because permeability strengthening, upper stability, protective and durability will be greatly reduced! Air Jordan XXX2 although the use of knitting uppers, but in order to improve the stability and durability of high density multi weaving. Compared with plastic shoes and leather shoes, the air permeability is good!
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The design of outer bottom lines into the Rome numbers “XXXII”, it is the punchline. Both the forward and the lateral stops show a good grip, and the touchdown feels like a great feedback。


The only indoor stadium has been in high strength test for two hours, the outsole did not appear to wear, because of considering the indoor venues and a single test, the test results are not objective, wear resistance remains to be verified!

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